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How can I get back into CAS if I leave care or CAS has terminated my wardship?

If you terminate your crown wardship/or if your crown wardship was terminated prior to your 18th birthday, the legislation does not permit you to return. At 18 years of age, your crown wardship automatically terminates and you have the option of entering into an ECM (Extended Care and Maintenance Agreement). You have the option of contacting the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa anytime between the ages of 18 and 21 years to discuss your eligibility to enter into an ECM.

What supports are available to me when I leave care?

There are a number of community agencies in the city of Ottawa that have the expertise in dealing with 16 - 24 year olds, such as the Youth Services Bureau.

What supports are available to me when I turn 21 years if I want to attend college/university or if I'm already in college/university?

Bursaries and scholarship will be available for the youth to apply for to receiving continued funding support.

What supports are available to me while I'm in care to attend college/university?

Your high school guidance counsellor is instrumental in facilitating the admission process to college or university. Extra tutoring may be available to assist the youth in specific subjects and can be identified during the plans of care that are done with the caregiver and social worker. Bursaries and scholarships will be made available for the youth to apply for to assist with the tuition fees and the costs of books and supplies.

When can a youth move on their own and what do they have to do?

Planning is done on an individual basis with the social worker and the decision is based on the youth's maturity, preparedness and personal situation. Youth are encouraged to begin as early as possible to save money and begin to collect household items in preparation of when they actually decide to move to a more independent living situation.

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