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Your Rights and Responsibilites

A child/youth in care has the right:

  • To be respected for who you are such as language, religion, family background, sexual orientation, and gender differences.
  • To be heard- able to express your opinion when important decisions are being made about your future.
  • To have a safe, healthy environment with good quality balanced meals, and age appropriate clothing.
  • To have reasonable privacy includes:
    • Visit privately with family, unless a judge or social worker says otherwise.
    • Speak in privately with social worker or lawyer.
    • A place to keep your belongings and time to be alone.
    • Send or receive mail that has not been read by others, unless it may be harmful to your well being.
  • To receive dental or medical care at regular visits and whenever required
  • To receive an education and able to take part in recreational or athletic activities.
  • Over the age of 12 years:
    • To see information within your file, with the exception of viewing confidential information about other people.
    • To be notified of and to attend, court hearings that may affect your life- unless the judge states otherwise.
    • To request a placement review if you become unhappy where you’re living.
    • To access technology to assist in your educational and employment endeavours.
    • To consent to your counselling.
    • To sign (with your parents) your own Care by Agreement (the form which admits you into care).
  • To request continued support after the age of 18 years, if you are attending school and need assistance

If you feel your rights are not being met you may report to the following:

  • Your social worker, foster parents, and/or the staff in your placement
  • Contact the Advocacy Office 1-800-263-2841 TTY (416) 325-2648
  • To request a placement review R.P.A.C. (Residential Placement Advisory Committee) you may object between the  14th and 21st day of your placement call 1-888-741-2599 or 613-741-2599

A child/youth in care has the responsibility:

  • Keep in touch with your worker
  • Go to school when you should and do homework as required
  • Talk and inform foster parent(s) of your plans and where you will be when not at home
  • Show up for your appointments
  • Respect other people, neighbours, and property
  • Respect the privacy of others
  • Respect other people’s differences in gender, ability, race, colour, culture, religion, gender identification, and sexual orientation To take responsibility of yourself and your actions
  • To take responsibility of yourself and your actions.
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